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Full Armor Insurance Services Blog: non-profit insurance

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When a non-profit hires, those employees bring risks into the business. They may face damage risks to their person, or pose damage risks to other people or their property. Non-profits must comprehensively analyze all levels of employees, and then insure them accordingly. What Employees Need Insurance Coverage? READ MORE >>

Churches serve important spiritual and relief needs to Boise, Coeur d'Alene and Eastern Washington and Utah communities. Often, churches operate as non-profits. However, this does not mean that they don’t have business expenses. Management of a church often requires the same business acumen of other institutions. READ MORE >>

Nonprofit organizations require business insurance just like conventional companies. Unexpected events are bound to happen. When the unexpected occurs, insurance can protect the nonprofit organization. In particular, every nonprofit organization should have liability insurance. READ MORE >>

Non-profits may not have a lot of money to spare in case they face any damages or liability claims. One way a non-profit can protect its reserve assets is through proper non-profit insurance. Non-profit insurance usually can protect products the organization produces, its business assets, and people associated with the cause. READ MORE >>

The objective of non-profit work is not to increase operating capital. From local charities to national service organizations, most non-profits want to push as much of their bottom line as possible towards their cause. For that reason, other aspects of the budget are likely very tightly controlled. READ MORE >>

Non-profit organizations operate with high expectations and low budgets. It is often your responsibility to make miracles happen within small business confines. As a responsible non-profit manager, you want to protect the organization so that it can keep functioning for years to come. READ MORE >>

Even if you're providing free services to the needy, you'll likely need non-profit insurance. It's important to maintain comprehensive liability coverage so that your non-profit is well-prepared to run smoothly in the event of a financial disaster. In many ways, non-profit insurance coverage is similar to comprehensive business insurance coverage. READ MORE >>

Non-profit insurance is a business insurance policy that provides protection for your entire organization. It can protect board members, staff, volunteers and possibly independent contractors who work for you. What Does a Non-Profit Insurance Policy Include? Most non-profit insurance policies cover many aspects of an organization. READ MORE >>

Even though non-profit organizations don't operate for money, they are otherwise similar to other small businesses. Non-profits must protect assets and provide a safe environment for employees and guests. One of the most effective ways to protect the interests of your Boise non-profit organization is to purchase a non-profit insurance policy. READ MORE >>

Nonprofit organizations face the same types and frequency of claims as any other business. However, non-profit organizations can minimize these risks by having the right type and amount of non-profit insurance. If your organization provides a service and has clients, customers or business partners, you need a quality liability insurance policy. READ MORE >>

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